How to Paint that Garage Door to Look Like Wood

Nov 26, 2017 | Garage Door, wooden garage door

Wooden doors are often expensive and may require a lot of maintenance. But if you want your garage door to look elegant like a wooden garage door without actually purchasing it, I tell you it is possible! You can paint your steel garage door to look like wood! Here are the steps on how to paint that garage door to look like wood.

Steps on how to paint that garage door to look like wood

Follow these step by step instructions to get a rich feel of wood on your steel garage door.

Get all the paints and supplies

Make a list of all the paints and supplies needed to paint your garage door. Arrange them all near you before you start.

Create a sample board

Create a sample board and practice it before so that you get perfect in painting the original door.

Clean your garage door first

Since the garage doors are on the exterior, they are exposed to dirt and dust . Therefore it is needed to be cleaned properly before getting it painted. Even the brand new garage doors are needed to be cleaned first.

Prime and then apply the base coat

Use a small roller and a brush to prime and then apply base coat color.

Tape off the various areas of the garage door

You can paint your garage door look like a wood only when you discover a way to tape off the different regions of the garage door.

Paint the garage door

Cover the every aspect of painting so that it looks like a wooden garage door. Perform wood graining, picture farming and apply the UV clear coat. Handle weather strip area properly and the seam between the panels.

Do not paint in direct sunlight

Painting directly under the sunlight can bring bad results. Paint under shade or create shade to paint under it.

Apply your logic as well to give the color shades and take the help of the painting experts too. Read different articles on how to paint that garage door to look like wood.

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