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Garage Door Services

By M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX
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What we do

If you are searching for the best services in the field of garage doors then you are on the right place. We at M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX can provide you all the quality services related to garage door installation and repair. Our trained and experienced staff is always there to help you 24/7 throughout the week. We cover League City, Texas and surrounding areas to provide first class garage door services for installation and repair.

Do you want to install an elegant garage door in your house or office? Or your already installed garage door has malfunctioned? We can provide you just what you are looking for. A garage door is the most important part of a house and provides a security and an aesthetic quality to the home design. Having a well maintained and aesthetically designed garage door is the must-to-have thing for a house. We understand all these aspects very well and strive best to achieve the customer expectations.

Though there are a number of garage door services provided by companies we have tried to cover almost all of them.

Our garage door services are mentioned below but not limited to:

Spring replacement

New Installment Service

Garage door openers

Fix broken cables

Panel replacement

Roller replacement

Fix bent track

Weather seal replacement

Fix torsion springs

If you need any other service related to garage door in the League City, Texas or nearby then you can immediately contact us on our phone number mentioned in the website. We will serve you at your doorstep with the expert professionals. You can have a look at our service areas in the Service areas section of the website. So if you are looking for a quality garage door service then call us now (713) 893-5834!


Does your garage door opener need a fix or you need to replace it? We at M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX are here to help you with our garage door experts. We handle a lot of issues related to garage door openers everyday and fix them immediately.


If you are looking for a new installation service in League City for garage doors, then you are on a right place. Whether your garage door needs to be replaced with a brand new installation or need repair, M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX can help.


When we look at a home, the first thing we notice is the aesthetic quality of the home. If the appearance is good then it is pleasing otherwise a negative comment comes in the mind of the viewer. A garage door is the important part of a home’s appearance and should be appealing to the visitors.

Rollers Replacement

Is your garage door looking damaged due to faulty or torn out rollers? The door may not be rolling smooth as it was and the hinges may be bent. A roller replacement may be required and you need to get it fixed immediately. We at M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX can help you out with a fully trained staff for garage door roller replacement in League City and nearby areas.

Springs Service

Do not try yourself to adjust or replace your garage door spring by yourself or by any person who is not an expert. Due to the high level of pressure on the garage door springs it is a dangerous process. Also continuing to operate your garage door with the damaged spring is also dangerous and you should not do that. It can cause further damage to the system and garage door can be damaged seriously due to a broken spring or any other part can be affected adversely.

Panel Replacement

We are a great choice for garage door panel replacement in League City when it comes to installation, price or customer service for garage doors. We offer high quality service and can fix your garage door panel in very minimum turnaround time.

Fix Broken Cables

If your garage door cable is broken or damaged then it is a problem for your garage door performance. But these types of issues occur time to time and have to be fixed immediately. We have a team of experts to fix broken cables in League City and nearby area and solve your garage door problem in no time.

Fix Bent Track Pros by M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX


We own all the necessary skills required to fix the broken track of the garage doors and we provide you local experts giving you the best garage door services in the area. We will never leave your garage door compromised and we will position the bent track perfectly with no scope of further issues. Your garage door will glide perfectly on the track and you will never regret on our service.



We at M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX repair the torsion spring of your garage door on the same working day! A torsion spring is very critical element of a garage door and needs to be taken care of. It is damaged then you should immediately contact an expert to fix it. We are the best garage door services in League City area and we fix torsion springs in League city and nearby areas.


The quality weather seals are made up of vinyl rubber and the main function of the seal is to keep out rain, snow and cold weather from the garage. The other job performed is to keep out the insects and dust out of the garage.

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What we offer to the residents of League City, TX

We offer professional garage door services and installation. Our services include replacement, installation and repair parts like Springs, Rollers, Cables, Hinges, Re-Alignment & Balancing, Sensor Adjustment, Overhead Repair and more in League City and near area.

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Your garage door malfunctioning? Do you need a new garage door? Do you need a repair or change of your garage door part? M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX is always here to help you at your doorstep. 

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