How to Check If Garage Door Sensors Are Working

Nov 26, 2017 | Garage Door, Sensors

The U.S. Federal law states that all the garage doors which are manufactured after 1st January 1993 should contain a reverse mechanism which automatically senses any obstacle in the doorway. This feature is called garage door sensors and is designed in order to save the serious injuries when garage door closes suddenly. Checking of garage door sensors at regular interval is also important for proper working.

Steps for how to check if garage door sensors are working

Measure the height of your garage door sensors and arrange few cardboard boxes which are higher in height than the height of your sensors. Follow the steps below:

Check the sensors by placing an obstacle

Place the box in the doorway making sure that the box lies in front of sensors. With garage door remote, press the button to close the garage door. If the garage door stops closing and return back to the original open position, then your garage door sensors are working. If not then you have to check the alignment of the sensors.

Check LED lights

Check the LED light on the exterior of the sensors. If any LED is blinking, the sensors need to be aligned. Tight the screws or bend the bracket back to position. When the sensors are aligned properly, LED will stop blinking.

Break the infrared beam between the sensors to test

Use a cardboard to break the infrared beam between the two sensors by placing between them. Press the remote button to close the garage door. The door should stop closing and return to its open position. If garage door continues to close then check the lenses if they are dirty. Clean the lenses of the sensors with a soft cloth. Spider webs and dirt may make it unclear.

Test for any object placed near the sensors

Now check again by placing a cardboard box. If the garage door still crushes the cardboard box when closed, then check if you have placed any garden tool or box near the sensors. Check if the sensor wires are damaged and if damaged, replace them. If the sensors are wet, then wait for them to be dry.

These were the standard methods for how to check if garage door sensors are working. Consult a garage door company for other tips for checking your garage door sensors.

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