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Frequently Asked Questions – M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX

Read the common questions and answers asked about the Garage Doors and its installation and repair services in our Frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. Get the answers to your burning questions and if you have any other query mail us at

Yesterday morning I found that my garage door has stopped working. What can be the problem?

Generally in most of the cases we need to replace the battery of the garage door remote. You can refer your garage door remote manual for battery replacement best practices. If this does not solve the problem then give us a quick call. M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX. has all types of replacement and repair parts for all brands of garage door openers.

Does my garage door need a regular maintenance? If so, then how much often?

We recommends a quarterly check up of your garage door and a regular tune up of your garage door and the opener is required always to ensure a smooth working of garage door. It is the largest mechanical piece in your home which is constantly in motion and therefore it needs a regular and complete maintenance.

What is the standard size of a garage door?

Garage doors come in a variety of sizes. The residential garage doors have 8 to 18 inches of width and 7 to 8 inches of height.

I am not able to open my garage door through its wall control. What is the problem?

This happens when the wall control inside your garage door has gone faulty. It is also possible that the wiring needs adjustment. Whatever may be the case, M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX can solve your problem.

I have lost my garage door remotes. What should I do?

This should be a big concern as someone else can get an access to your home without your permission. The first course of action should be getting a new remote for your garage door and removing the setting of old one. The decoding and recording of your garage door is the step and you can take the help of our experts.

My Garage door stops before closing completely. Why?

This is the case of misalignment of the garage door safety sensors. There can be some issue with the garage door openers too and it may need some adjustment. Whatever may be the issue, M.G.A League City can solve the issue.

My Garage door opener is making some sound but the garage door is not moving. What is the problem?

When your garage door opener makes some sound but garage door does not open, then this is the case of a fault in the motor. Something may have broken or stripped inside the motor. Call us today (713) 893-5834 and we will fix it up!

What is the R Value?

R value is the measure of the resistance of your garage door towards heat or cold. The higher the R value the better the thermal resistance of your garage door for heat or cold.

I am looking to replace my old garage door. What is the cost of a new garage door?

Cost of a new garage door depends upon a number of factors and it can be Size, material, design, R value etc. M.G.A Garage Door Repair League City TX can help you in determining the cost of a new garage door and its installation if you want to replace your old garage door. Feel free to call us and we will provide you a free estimate.

What types of payment is accepted by you?

We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and all types of credit cards.

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